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Book your accommodation

All you need to login and book your accommodation is your NTU ID, your password and your bank details (or those of the person who is paying) Once you have booked your accommodation and paid your booking fee, you will receive an email confirming your offer. If you have a conditional offer, the room will be held for you until your offer becomes unconditional once you have received your exam results. If you already have an unconditional offer you will have 48 hours from the date the email was sent to make your residency fee payment arrangements online. Your offer will be withdrawn if payment arrangements are not made within this period.

  • New students: you will find your NTU ID you will find your NTU ID on your accommodation email and in your accommodation pack.
  • Returning students: you will find your NTU ID on your smart card in the field titled 'username'.

Type in your NTU ID/username and password and then select Login. (Please note that your password is case-sensitive.)

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